Inflatable Kayaks & Canoe

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“Whitewater Excitement, Flat-water Serenity”
Sea Eagle has 5 models of inflatable kayaks that can handle flat-water touring or up to class IV whitewater rivers. We have just the kayak for you.

The easily affordable Sport Kayaks are fun on up to class III rivers, good for fishing, or just a quiet paddle on a lake.

The RazorLite™ all drop-stitch inflatable touring kayak is an absolute joy to paddle on tranquil rivers, lakes or out in the ocean. This is the closest craft to a hardshell sea kayak you will find anywhere on the planet.

The FastTrack™ kayaks are sleeker, faster, and lighter than ever cuts through the current, wind and waves like a hot knife through butter. Good for all sorts of kayaking adventures.

The Explorer kayaks rocket fearlessly down class IV whitewater rivers with their 16 drain valves in the open position for maximum water drainage, or close them to traverse miles of wilderness rivers and lakes to spend weeks at impossibly obscure camping sites.

The Paddleski™ gives you two benefits you won’t normally find in a kayak – Stability and Speed. Because of the wide hull, the PaddleSki™ is remarkably stable and comfortable. Because of the catamaran design, the PaddleSki cuts through the water with minimal resistance.

All Sea Eagle Inflatable kayaks fit easily in the trunk of your car or in a closet in your house or apartment.

The World’s First High Pressure All Drop Stitch Rigid Inflatable Canoe has arrived. Say goodbye to heavy, unstable, tippy, nearly impossible to store and transport traditional canoes.

The Patented Sea Eagle Inflatable Travel Canoe™ packs down small enough for a small car truck or closet with room to spare and sets up in less than 10 minutes.