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SEA EAGLE PackFish7™ is a unique, ultralight, incredibly portable, one-man fishing boat that can be used in two ways: (1) fish for hours while sitting on the comfortable inflatable Deluxe Fishing Seat. (2) standing with the wooden floorboard which provides stable and ample standing area for both sight fishing and casting.

The hull weighs only 9.5 kg (21 lb). Fully loaded with floorboard, oars and seat, it weighs only 14.5 kg (32 lb). It goes anywhere, sets up in under 5 minutes, and can even be worn on your back with optional straps. It’s as simple as that. We call it the “grab and go fishing boat.”

Top, Front & Side Views

  • PackFish7™ top view
  • PackFish7™ side view
  • PackFish7™ front view

Key Features

Two Pouch Pockets with Cup Holders for Tackle and Tools
Two Pouch Pockets with Cup Holders for Tackle and Tools

Use the two conveniently located Pouch Pockets to store your tackle and tools with our Quik-2-Zip™ double zipper system for quick & easy access. Additional hook and loop straps keep your favorite tools at the ready. Also includes 2 cup holders.

Two Built-In Industrial Strength Rod Holders
Two Built-In Industrial Strength Rod Holders

Two built-in, industrial strength rod holders have been strategically placed for ease of use and for trolling. Side hook and loop straps can be used as additional rod holders and work great for getting rods conveniently out of the way when not in use.

Four Tracking Strips
Four Tracking Strips

Four tracking strips which increase stability and reduce being blown around by the wind, or to assist you when fighting those really big fish!

PF7K Standard Features

  • Ultra lightweight
  • Hunter Green Color with high visibility orange accents
  • Built-in rod holders
  • Pouch Pockets (with cupholders) for tackle and tools
  • Built-in stow bag to conveniently stow your PackFish7™ backpack
  • Hands-free oarlock attachment system so you can concentrate on fishing
  • 30 mil (0.0254 mm) Polykrylar double chamber internal bladder inside external protective sheath
  • Fully enclosed heavy duty fabric floor so you remain high and dry
  • 4 Carry Handles
  • QuikClip connections to attach optional straps for portage
  • Safety air chamber above main air chamber
  • NMMA Certified
Model SizeExteriorInteriorDeflatedTubeWeight (kg)CapacityAir PressureSetup TimeEngine Capacity

PackFish7™ (PF7)

213 x 99 cm140 x 33 cm13 x 51 x 51 cm33 cm9.5136 kg (1 adult)1.1 psi (8 kPa)5 minNA

PF7K Packages

DeluxePackFish7™ (Deluxe)

The perfect “grab and go” package! Featuring a green Deluxe Inflatable Seat, oar set, foot pump, repair kit and PF7 Backpack.

This Deluxe Package Includes:

  • PackFish7™ Hull
  • AB252 Oar Set
  • DKS Seat Green
  • A42 Foot pump
  • Backpack for PackFish7
  • Repair Kit

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ProPackFish7™ (Pro)

The Pro Fishing “Sit or Stand” Package is perfect for sight fishing, fly fishing and getting that extra edge on the fish when you really need it. Featuring everything from the Deluxe Fishing Package plus a great removable wooden floorboard.

This Pro Package Includes:

  • PackFish7™ Hull
  • DKS Seat Green
  • AB252 Oar Set
  • A42 Foot pump
  • PackFish7™ Floorboard Set
  • Backpack for PackFish7
  • Repair Kit

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19 reviews for PackFish7™ Fishing Boat

  1. Zachary Beckwith

    So where do I start let’s just start I guess with if you have the money for it buy it, it was worth every penny so far I’ve used it one season and I get nothing but compliments, especially with the floor board you can stand and fish for such a small craft it’s just awesome I don’t have to lug my 95 lb kyack around that I can stand in and if I wanna stop at a pond on the way home from work and fish for a bit it inflates in no time at all and I’m on the water in less than 15 mins usually I only wish I had more money to be able to try more of their crafts because I fish all the time and I love this one however I’d love to have something a little bigger I’m 6’ 235lbs and I have two things however I wish I could fix the leg room is one gripe is when paddling I have to sit on my knees also the original paddles aren’t the best either I use a kyack paddle instead as the ones that come with it are confusing to use and get in the way when fishing otherwise the craft is perfect for someone smaller than myself. 4 stars

  2. Daniel Scalf

    I love this thing. Extremely portable and durable. Definitely want a bigger model later on. But for now this one works great. Awesome for anyone that wants to get around the lake but still stuck on a budget.

  3. Anthony Dickerson

    I’m an avid Kayak/SUP angler, getting out on the water about 100 times per year. I have a dedicated sit on top 11.5′ kayak for inshore and big water freshwater, a SeaEagle FishSUP 126 I use for long days on the water (trolling motor) or when I take a second person with me. Then I have my (1st generation) PF7 that I use for small water – around 50-60 acres or less. There’s something about the PackFish just gets me so excited when I load it in the van – I almost feel like a little kid again playing with a new toy. But out on the water it’s a serious machine. The comfort, stability and stealth is unparalleled in a package so portable. I get asked SO many times to talk about the raft and a couple folks have even said they’re going right out to get one themselves after giving it a quick spin. Biggest tip I give to folks who try it is to paddle backwards like a rowboat – shift your mindset away from kayaking and you’ll soon develop a rhythm and can keep a steady 2.5 mph pace. Get one, you will feel so alive!

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