FoldCat™ 375fc Pontoon Boat

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The 375fc FoldCat™ inflatable one or two-man pontoon fishing boat, with patented folding frame design, is a lightweight, portable, fuel efficient, large platform fishing boat for two that packs easily into a car and does not require a trailer.

Featuring the versatile universal Scotty™ Mount System with 2-4 Scotty™ Rod Holders and the ability to attach an incredible assortment of Scotty™ accessories. (U.S. Patent #7,240,634)

Top, Front & Side Views

  • FoldCat™ Pontoon 375 top view
  • FoldCat™ Pontoon 375 side view
  • FoldCat™ Pontoon 375 front view

Key Features

Patented Folding Frame Design, U.S. Patent #7,240,634
Patented Folding Frame Design, U.S. Patent #7,240,634

The great feature of our patented folding frame system is that it creates a spacious rigid fishing platform for one or two anglers without the need of nuts and bolts. This makes our Sea Eagle FoldCat™ far simpler to set up than most other fishing boats. Just roll out the FoldCat™, insert the 4 underbars under the aluminum cross boards and inflate. In just 5 minutes you have a rock-solid pontoon fishing boat! This fishing platform gives you full access to the entire top of the FoldCat™ for useful fishing space. Best of all, deflation and take down is equally fast and simple. Release the one-way air valves, pull out the underbars and roll it up! It’s just that simple!

Customizable Design
Customizable Design

The Sea Eagle FoldCat™ can be customized according to your own needs. You can have it with one swivel seat and use the available space for standing and casting. You can use the swivel seat with or without the pedestal for a higher or lower seating position, as you prefer. You can set it up it with 2 swivel seats and 2 pedestals for you and your buddy. You can add a series of different Scotty™ accessories to outfit your FoldCat™ with items such as fish finders, GPS, GoPro’s, cutting boards, multiple rod holders, running lights, anchor lock, etc… You can add a Casting Bar. You can add a canopy to protect yourself against sun, rain and high temperatures. The FoldCat™ is a truly flexible fishing platform that can be used in a multitude of ways.

Super Stable Pontoon Stance On The Water
Super Stable Pontoon Stance On The Water

When the FoldCat™ is fully inflated and the underbars press up against the aluminum cross boards, it creates a rigid aluminum frame on top of the pontoons, making the FoldCat™ a rigid fishing platform.

The wide stance of the pontoons combined with the structural strength of the platform creates a truly stable and secure fishing platform. Even when an angler is standing on one side of a pontoon, the FoldCat™ is still stable enough for the angler to stand and cast.

375FCK Standard Features

  • Patented Folding Frame (U.S. Patent #7,240,634)
  • Super strong oars & oarlocks
  • Motormount for gas & electric motors
  • Rugged molded nose cones
  • Full fabric floor
  • Four conveniently located carry handles
  • Printed instructions
  • NMMA & CE Certified
Model Size Exterior Interior Deflated Tube Weight (kg) Capacity Air Pressure Setup Time Engine Capacity

FoldCat™ Pontoon 375 (375FC)

375 x 137 cm N/A cm 142 x 53 x 25 cm 42 cm 34 295 kg (2 adults) 3.2 psi (22 kPa) 10 min 3 hp gas engine (20″/51 cm shaft minimum) or up to 74 lb thrust electric motor (min 30″/76 cm shaft, 45 lb/21 kg max weight)

375FCK Packages

DeluxeFoldCat™ 375fc Pontoon Boat (Deluxe)

The 375 FoldCat is a two person fishing boat that will fit into a car trunk. It’s light weight and can be launched anywhere. With one raised seat, it is easy to get into the perfect position to catch that “Big one”.

This Deluxe Package Includes:

  • FoldCat™ 375fc Pontoon Boat Hull
  • A41 Foot Pump
  • 2x Wise Swivel Seat (Green)
  • 2x Quick Release Seatmounts
  • 7″ Pedestals (18 cm)
  • 2x Scotty Rod Holder
  • AB45 River Guide Oar Set
  • Oarlocks (Set of 2)
  • Oarlock Pins
  • Boat Carry Bag (Green) for 375FC
  • Repair Kit

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ProFoldCat™ 375fc Pontoon Boat (Pro)

The Pro Angler Package has the convenient Casting Bar, a pedestal to raise one seat and 2 additional rod holders, plus a storage bag for accessories.

This Pro Package Includes:

  • FoldCat™ 375fc Pontoon Boat Hull
  • Casting Bar
  • A41 Foot Pump
  • 4x Scotty Rod Holder
  • 2x Wise Swivel Seat (Green)
  • 2x Quick Release Seatmounts
  • 7″ Pedestals (18 cm)
  • Oarlocks (Set of 2)
  • Oarlock Pins
  • Carry Bag
  • Boat Carry Bag (Green) for 375FC
  • Repair Kit
  • AB45 River Guide Oar Set

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31 reviews for FoldCat™ 375fc Pontoon Boat

  1. Ramnik Gulati

    I absolutely love my foldcat 375fc, especially paired with the new 1103cs Torqeedo electric outboard(whisper quiet). I bought it in April of this year and have used it nearly every weekend since for fishing and taken it out for long weekends as well. The boat is very stable and relatively easy to assemble given the number of accessories I have for it. I have taken it out on small and big lakes in the northwest and had cases where jet skiers were creating large swells and went through them with confidence. With the new Torqeedo motor, I can get the Foldcat to max out at 6mph, and the Foldcat was very stable and tracked very well at this speed. Just be prepared to get a lot of complements and inquisitive people coming over you asking about this boat, it happens every weekend I take this boat out. Overall, I highly recommend this boat and the customer service provided by SeaEagle (especially Jerry in tech support)… was some of the best I have ever experienced!

  2. Eric Bowen

    Love it. Catch a lot of fish, go places in different types of water where other boats cant go. Very comfortable fishing vessels recommend to all my fellow fishermen friends.

  3. Egon Reich

    Have owned 0ver 30 boats big and small, this is by far the most fun and comfortable setup ever! My girlfriend and I take it out all the time with very little effort in setup and tear down. The quality and workmanship is absolutely fantastic. So great for a day on the water just sightseeing but when you fish WOW 360 EZ casting and bringing in the big ones. Really Love our Sea Eagle Fold Cat.

  4. Robert England (verified owner)

    I initially had several issues with my Sea Eagle 375FC. The first boat delivered had a defective valve and I had to send that boat back. Sea Eagle sent me a replacement boat and the second boat had a leak and I had to send that boat back. Both times the folks at Sea Eagle were very good and understanding, however very frustrating that it took 3 boats to finally get a good one.

  5. John McMillion (verified owner)

    I did not get to take it out as much as I wanted to this summer, but the times I did I had a lot of fun. It is very stable. Can go in very shallow water. The canopy is great, I can be out on the water all day and not worry about getting sunburn. Plus we took the boat out on some very hot days and the canopy kept us comfortable. I love the foldcat and I can not wait to get out on the water next more ▼

  6. Lawrence Horowitz (verified owner)

    My 375fc is perfect for the small lakes and ponds I fish here in New Jersey. The elevated seat allows me to cast, flip, or pitch easily to fish holding targets. It’s easy to row and much more stable than a canoe or kayak. My 375f folds up and fits in the back of my station wagon and my small over crowded garage. I can assemble it in about 10 minutes. Last spring, I found a chipmunk had decided to make its winter home inside the boat and had gnawed a hole in one of the pontoons. Not able to repair it, I contacted Jerry a Sea Eagle tech; with his help, I purchased a new hull. Works even better than the original hull.

  7. Stanley Johnson (verified owner)

    Love my Seaeagle! I particularly enjoy the ability to silently glide across high mountain lakes and watch the various wildlife without scaring them off. It is the perfect platform for all types of fishing whether it be fly or spinning. I had a problem with one of the tubes of the carry cart bending and customer service immediately sent me another one. Really appreciate that. When the time comes, I will definitely purchase another, and my son and grandson are getting close!

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