10’6″ Sport Runabout Drop Stitch Floor

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The SEA EAGLE 106sr is perfect as a ship-to-shore tender. Great for exploring when your larger boat is anchored up or moored, or just for running about on its own. This rugged boat can carry up to 5 adults or 533 kg (1200 lb).

*For optimal performance, max horsepower motor rating for the inflatable drop stitch floor is 15 hp motors.

Top, Front & Side Views

  • Sport Runabout 106 top view
  • Sport Runabout 106 side view
  • Sport Runabout 106 front view

Key Features

Seaworthy In All Conditions
Seaworthy In All Conditions

We have been selling Sea Eagle Sport Runabouts since 1997. Since then, they have been tested in all sorts of conditions around the world. They have been taken around Long Island USA (300 miles/482 km each trip) multiple times in seas varying from dead calm to 10 foot (3 m) ocean waves in violent thunder storms. They’ve been used on the Yangtze River and on the Indian continent for fire and flood rescue work on lakes, rivers, bays and oceans. Tested by time in all kinds of weather conditions, these boats are as safe and seaworthy as an inflatable boat can possibly be!

Patented Outside Drop Stitch Inflatable Keel, U.S. Patent- #8,286,573 2
Patented Outside Drop Stitch Inflatable Keel, U.S. Patent- #8,286,573 2

The outside drop stitch inflatable keel provides several unique performance benefits. First, it creates the ability to turn sharply and precisely in any direction. This is a true benefit when coming to a dock or motoring in crowded harbors. The inflatable drop stitch keel also provides extra buoyancy at the bow which allows it to ride over waves rather than plowing through them. This same feature in combination with large rear rounded tubes helps these transom boats get up on a plane far faster than other inflatable boats. Unlike other transom boats with an inside inflatable keel, the overall performance of our Sea Eagle transom boats are far more precise, responsive, and stable in all sea conditions.

Rigid High Pressure Inflatable Drop Stitch Floor
Rigid High Pressure Inflatable Drop Stitch Floor

Our high pressure rigid inflatable drop stitch floors provide excellent rigidity and very good structural strength at a fraction of the weight. This is very important if you are a yacht owner looking for a super lightweight and easy to handle tender. This same feature is equally important to motorhome owners, fishermen and recreational boaters who want less weight and faster set up times.

106SRDK Standard Features

  • NMMA & CE Certified
  • 5/8″ (16 mm) grab line along sides for safety
  • 4″ (10 cm) Inflatable External Keel with Rubbing Strake for extra protection
  • Rounded rear pontoons for rapid planing
  • Splash Guards on transom
  • Two stainless steel D-rings for towing
  • Four rear carry handles & one front lifting handle
  • Oarlocks pop up for instant use
  • Wide beam hull design for stability
Model SizeExteriorInteriorDeflatedTubeWeight (kg)CapacityAir PressureSetup TimeEngine Capacity

Sport Runabout 106 (106SRD)

320 x 165 cm221 x 84 cm117 x 61 x 25 cm42.5 cm42544 kg (5 adults)3.2 psi (22 kPa)Outer Tube / 7 psi (48 kPa)Floor15 min15 hp gas engine (125 lb/57 kg max weight, 15″/38 cm shaft)

106SRDK Packages


Everything you need to go boating – except the motor. Package weighs 123 lbs.

This Deluxe Package Includes:

  • 10’6″ Sport Runabout Drop Stitch Floor Hull
  • 10.6sr 4″ Inflatable Drop Stitch Floor
  • AB255 Oar Set for Transom Boat
  • Aluminum Seat for Sport Runabouts
  • Dual Action Auto Two Stage SUP Pump w/ Pressure Gauge
  • Bow Bag for 10.6SR
  • Boat Carry Bag
  • Repair Kit

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10 reviews for 10’6″ Sport Runabout Drop Stitch Floor

  1. Jeffrey Rosa

    Ordering was very easy and customer service calls were handled quickly. Quality of boat is top notch and everything was as described.

  2. Keith Bice

    Love the boat. I took it with me last summer on a 5000 mile RV trip. Cruises with my grandson, granddaughter, and wife on the St Croix River.

    The boat is well made and performed as expected. It is much heavier than other inflatables I have owned and is somewhat difficult to roll up so that is will fit back int the storage bag. After several tries and a call to Seaeagle for advice my folding technique is getting better.

    Overall my experience with Seaeagle has been positive and I would purchase from them again. I also own the 16 ft travel canoe.

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